Business Support Italy SAIPH
Business Support Italy SAIPH price

Service Price Period Detail Note
Merchandize research 150euro+  per month Finding out the makers
(by e-mail & phone)
120euro+  per day Research for exhibition/Visit for meeting Price except actual expenses
Secretary service 180euro +  per month Basic service(by e-mail & phone)  
200euro +  per month Basic service & visit in Milan province  
300euro +  per month Basic service & visit out of Milan province Price except actual expenses
Trading mediation to be discussed every time Contract, Production /
transport control
Price except secretary service
Business attendance 180euro +  per day For exhibition /
business meeting, etc
Price except actual expenses

SEDE LEGALE - Via Panizza 4, 20144 Milano
STUDIO - Via Giuseppe Pecchio, 1 20131 Milano
Tel/Fax: 02-87284073
C.F. P.IVA E Reg.Imprese di Milano : 04337700969
Cap.Soc.Euro 10,000 I.V. Rea di Milano: n. 1740216